How to Style Prints for a Calming Home

I'd like to start the Kiah Studio blog with a post that simplifies styling and helps you recreate a calm holiday space at home. After all, that's the best bit about bringing travel imagery into your home.

Once you've found a favourite print, chances are you've considered how the image makes you feel. Maybe it reminds you of holidays past or inspires future dreams of travelling abroad. To make sure it has that effect at home, it's important to put some thought into how you will style your print. These tips for considering texture, scale and colour will help you recreate coastal calm at home: 

Work With Natural Textures

Travel is all about exploring the great outdoors, making nature the best place to turn to for inspiration. Materials like straw, timber and clay are a great source of raw texture that's reminiscent of faraway places. An oak photo frame is the easiest place to start, adding pieces for functionality as you go. For big ticket items think woven rugs, rattan furniture and clay urns.  

Put Mementos on Display

Adding personal mementos from your travels is an authentic way to create a sense of wanderlust at home. Consider smaller items that don't fit the traditional 'souvenir' mould like shell necklaces, foraged items, straw hats, beach bags or tassels. 

If you spent more time sipping than shopping, dont worry! There's an amazing selection of artisan decor suppliers in Australia that offer chic cultural pieces (without the added baggage weight). Some of my favourites are: Connected Goods, Hello Trader and The Dharma Door.  

Consider the Scale of Your Room

Getting maximum impact from your print comes down to how it sits amongst other pieces in the room. To make sure it isn't overshadowed by big items like sofas or tables, opt for an A1 or A0 size print. As a general rule for landscape prints, the frame should span more than half the width of furniture it's sitting above. If you prefer portrait prints, pairing two side-by-side will fill the same space nicely. 

Create an Earthy Colour Palette

By keeping the colour palette neutral, your print will be the focal point of the room, setting the mood with its coastal colours. To help choose the right tones think about whether you want to create a cool or warm space. I've made two examples below so that you can see the different colour palettes dictated by each print.

1. Coastal Cool

For a cool space, bright whites, glass and metallics will create a crisp backdrop against shades of blue and green.

Kiah Studio Coastal Styling

Breathing Space print from Kiah Studio | Potted fern, throw, cushion and side table from Adairs | Brass vases from Freedom | Bronte sofa from Lounge Lovers 

2. Summer Sun

When working towards a warmer palette, nude, coral and terracotta add a hint of colour that feels inline with nature.Kiah Studio Coastal Print Styling

Golden Hour print from Kiah Studio | Ceramic cup and vases from Adairs | Throw from Oz Design | Cushion from Hello Trader | Side table from Freedom | Beaded chandelier from Beacon Lighting | Hampton sofa from Lounge Lovers

Which of these colour palettes would you prefer at home? If you have any questions about styling or hanging your prints please leave a comment below or email We would love to help you choose the perfect piece for your own unique space. 


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