Kiah Studio was created by Australian photographer, Jessica Rule, to celebrate the connection between people and place through imagery. Each photographic print captures a fleeting moment of travel, serving as a keepsake of Australia's most iconic locations.


The name Kiah itself stems from my childhood in Port Stephens. I was lucky enough to grow up in a region with a prominent aboriginal history and community. A family friend named her daughter Kiah and explained that its translation from aboriginal language was ‘from the beautiful place’. This is something that always stuck with me and when it came time to sum up what I love to capture it was perfect- the natural beauty from every place.


The initial concept for Kiah Studio was born out of a desire to create photographic souvenirs that are easy to bring home. I’ve spent many holidays lugging around a canvas or rummaging through dog-eared postcards, failing to find something that does justice to my travel memories. From this, the Memento Collection was born: a selection of mounted prints that capture the essence of each destination.

As my imagery grew, so did the trend of photographic prints and I soon became disheartened by the lack of information from suppliers about their products. I found a lot of mass-produced art didn’t specify the photographer or even the location, creating a disconnect between the print and its eventual home. For me, travel photography is about treasuring the memory of a particular time or place; something that requires experience with the subject. This is why we package our prints with destination cards, a description of what makes each place so special to us. 

By preserving these moments in print, we hope to bring travel in to your home, creating your own escape from holidays past.