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  • Coastal Styling with Warm Colours

    The cooler months often see us reaching for warmer colours, textures and layers in a bid to create a cosy living space. But how do you incorporate winter warmth and still stay true to coastal style? With these 3 simple steps you'll choose the perfect pieces to create a winter glow reminiscent of days by the beach. View Post
  • How to Create a Sanctuary at Home

    TheĀ main motivation for starting our print studio was exactly that: creating the feeling of an escape at home through memories of travels past.Ā And now as travel restrictions set in around the world, it pays to create a space at home that facilitates comfort and relaxation. Incorporating travel prints are just one way to do this, along with a few simple techniques that we use to pull a whole look together. Here are 5 ways you can create your own escape at home: View Post
  • How to Style Prints for a Calming Home

    With a few simple tricks you can transform your home into a space that channels holiday calm. Use these styling tips to make the most of coastalĀ prints in your home. View Post


A practical guide to framing and styling coastal artwork for the home. Authored by photographer, Jessica Rule, the blog also takes a look behind-the-scenes shooting new collections and the hidden gems from our favourite destinations.