Coastal Styling with Warm Colours

The cooler months often see us reaching for warmer colours, textures and layers in a bid to create a cosy living space. But how do you incorporate winter warmth and still stay true to coastal style? The beachside look is usually created with cool shades of blue and green, but if we take inspiration from the winter light you'll find some golden colours that transport you back to the beach. These are the things to consider for a warm coastal palette...

1. Colour

With a wide range or warm colours to consider, look to the shoreline for inspiration. Sand, shells and the odd stand of kelp all feature beautiful warm colours, from creamy neutrals to deep golden browns. In the mood board below I chose gold and khaki to compliment the colours of Wategos Beach (our latest collection).

2. Texture

The beach is surrounded by interesting textures like seagrass, native trees and palm fronds. By incorporating these woven strands you not only introduce texture but also create a look synonymous with island life. I've featured woven leather and rattan in my mood board but you can also repurpose straw beach accessories as pieces to hang on the wall. 

3. Print

Winter is a great time of year to photograph the beach. The skies are beautiful and clear, making the sunset colours more subdued. Our Wategos Beach collection was captured during winter and shows the golden afternoon light that pairs so well with a warm palette. I've chosen the Shore print with green foliage to tie it in with our khaki decor. 

Wategos Beach print

Clockwise from top left: Gold Shell cushion from Hello Trader | 'Shore' statement print from Kiah Studio | Bush Walk fragrance by Black Blaze | 03 hand wash by Bondi Wash | Woven Bowl basket from Villa Lane | Munich feather yarn throw from Adairs | Birch Pot planter from Life Interiors | Slow Down and Grow Something book from Koskela | Ava cushion from Life Interiors | Ivelle beaded garland from Frankie + Coco | Marlboro chair from Hello Trader | Linen duvet cover from Cultiver | Australian Native incense from Addition Studio

What take on coastal styling do you prefer? Warm or cool? We're starting to incorporate warmer prints into our collections so you can now shop-by-colour from the drop down menu! 

Now to finish my bottomless tea (not pictured),

Jess x


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