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Last week I shared my favourite luxury items for creating a sanctuary at home. It included textures, scents and tastes to make home isolation a little more comforting and a lot more like somewhere else. Well, a lot has changed in a week and now those home sanctuaries are becoming makeshift offices, gyms and creative studios. As we endeavour to stay inspired and tackle new projects from home, I wanted to share with you some printable cards to bring the outdoors in and inspire creative projects. 

Our free Palm Printables include 4 x A6 size images that are easy to cut out and play around with at home. There's a simple to-do list for setting your weekly goals, a fresh palm print and two unpublished photos from our travels. I've used them to create tropical moodboards and make a calming colour palette at home... 

You can download your Palm Printables HERE

Free Printable to do list

If, like me, you've got a stack of magazines piled high, it's a great opportunity to tear our your favourite pages that can serve as inspiration for your projects. For this flatlay I pulled out some images from Collective magazine. This one is from their photographic series featuring photographer Marc Bagor. 

Kiah Studio Free Printables

Two of the four printables above are unpublished photos from our travels. The first is light peering through a beautiful thatched roof in Mykonos, reminding me to let the sunshine in while I'm working at home. The second is a perfect fern from Buderim Forest Park, a cool and calming space I've explored near the Sunshine Coast. I'd love to see how you use these images at home so please tag us (@kiahstudio) on Instagram so I can check out your creations. 

Kiah Studio Palm Printables

If you're more of a digital planner than a print collector the good news is that all of our printables are available in digital form on our Instagram stories and highlights! Feel free to screenshot them and use them as wallpapers or fill in the to-do list on stories to share it. I've used the fern print here as a screensaver on my phone. If you plan to repost the images on your socials we just ask that you credit Kiah Studio by tagging us.

Kiah Studio Prints

Kiah Studio Free Tropical Prints

This gorgeous tropical image by Tommaso Riva, featured in Real Living magazine, pulled together the perfect blue/green colour platte for our workspace. 

Kiah Studio Free Printable Cards

As you can see, right now the priorities on my to-do list are all relaxation focused. I'm taking the time out to read, drink coffee at home and learn new skills (there's a delivery of clay coming my way on Friday). Seriously, if you want to see how a clay-building and wine drinking course goes down online, stay tuned on our Instagram page April 3rd. 

You can download your Palm Printables here and share this post with a friend who's in need of a pick-me-up 🌿

I hope you enjoy playing with these visual cues and can't wait to see what you create at home. We'll be making more printables soon so feel free to request specific pieces you need and subscribe to be notified of the next release!


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