COVID Update


Changes to How We Process Your Orders

Some recent changes to COVID travel restrictions have seen us move to QLD temporarily. Even though our printers and framers are based in Sydney, we are thrilled to say that we are still able to process your online orders. 

So Where Will My Prints Come From?

To make sure we don't exacerbate current delays across Australia's postal network, you order will be shipped directly from our printer or framer (without being packed by Kiah Studio first). This means we are able to maintain the same printing standards we have always offered. However, you may receive a seperate parcel from us in QLD, with the destination cards we usually pack with your print. 

If you have any question or concerns about our production process don't hesitate to email ( or give us a shout on Instagram

Thank you for your continued support which allows us to cherish those magic travel memories. 

Stay safe,